Saturday, December 18, 2010

Earn Money Online - MORE Traffic & MORE Views GUARANTEED!!! -

Earn Money Online - MORE Traffic & MORE Views GUARANTEED!!! -


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To Your Success,

Antoinette Vosloo

AV Enterprises

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

EZ Wealth Solution Pays Out 1 Million Dollars In Commissions!

EZ Wealth Solution Is Still Going Strong After 3 Years!

In a day and age when programs seem to last no more than a few months, it’s refreshing to see a home based business opportunity still in business, and thriving after 3 years!

EZ Wealth Solution is a Direct Sales Company with a database of over 700 Digital and Software Products, and they’ve been going strong since December 1, 2007. EZ Wealth Solution launched at the beginning of the economic recession in December 2007, and they still managed to do over 1.5 Million Dollars in sales to date, but what’s even more impressive is the fact that EZ Wealth Solution pays out a full 100% on all sales. So that 1.5 Million Dollars was paid to their Resellers!

It’s not too often you see a company paying out a full 100% on all sales, and they also pay daily member-to-member so there’s no waiting to get paid! When a sale is made, the purchaser sends the money directly to the Reseller using their favorite online payment processor. This is really great when you think about it because no one wants to wait 30 - 45 days for a company to send out a commission check.

The one thing everyone should know about EZ Wealth Solution is that they have a one-of-kind pay plan designed by the CEO & Founder Mr. Ron Walsh, and while there are many I personally feel this is one of the biggest contributing factors to their success.

When Mr. Walsh was asked why he decided to payout 100% on all sales, he said; "For 12 years I struggled to find a program that would last longer than 6 – 12 months, and one where the average person could make some good money. So I finally stopped looking in 2007 and decided to put my own program together, and first and foremost I wanted a pay plan where people could actually make some good money, but the pay plan I wanted was not out there, so I designed my own and I did it with our Resellers in mind. I just wanted to see people make money, and you cannot get any better than a 100% payout. It also makes it very hard for other programs to compete with us when you put pay plan against pay plan."

I also asked Mr. Walsh what he sees in the future for EZ Wealth Solution, and he said; "I see unlimited potential and success for our Resellers! In the coming year we will be adding many more Digital & Software Products to our database to give our Resellers even more value for their dollar. As for long term, we just want to run an honest business where average people can make some good money. What makes us unique is our one-of-a-kind pay plan, and the fact that we have people making money for the first time online. That gives me great pride to know I played a small part in it. We now have our sights set on reaching the 2 Million Dollar mark in commissions paid, and from there its 3, 4, 5 Million and beyond. Give the people what they want, and they will join your business, and what they want is money! So we give it to them, 100% of it!"

I must admit, the income potential for EZ Wealth Solution is truly remarkable when you consider anyone can get started for just $10 because your sponsor is going to pay your way into Package Level # 1 (a $47 value). Mr. Walsh has done a fantastic job over the last 3 years, and I look forward to the next 3 years as EZ Wealth Solution continues to help those looking for a long term online business opportunity!

With a 3 year online presence I’m sure many people have seen their website, but to truly understand how unique and wonderful this business opportunity really is, one has to register for the Free Tour and watch the How It Works Movie (10 minutes) in the Member Center.

Antoinette Vosloo

AV Enterprises

skype: antoinette.vosloo